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Software Testing and Quality Assurance

We take a full-service approach to every client and project, meaning our Testing and QA process is streamlined and effective.

We offer services related to software testing and Quality Assurance to obtain all your software quality and testing needs. The importance of software testing and QA helps ensure that the software system is defect-free and identifies missing requirements, gaps, or errors contrary to the requirements. Team Interflext provides you with a multi-skilled QA and testing team, which ensures the best outcomes. Our team includes experts chosen based on their skills and qualifications to suit your project’s demands. With our experience and dedication, we assure you that the software is taken into proper care before release. The process can be broken into functional testing and non-functional testing. To ensure that the software product is defect-free and actual software product matches expected requirements, we perform several testing techniques:

Testing techniques that we perform

  • Acceptance Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • System Testing
  • Black Box Testing
  • White Box Testing
  • Unit Testing
Software Testing and Maintenance

Why Important Software Testing & QA?

  • Improved process controls
  • Smoother regulatory audits
  • An internal system of checks and balances for the quality of products
  • A culture of improvement and collaboration
  • Better employee and management training
  • Increased worker engagement

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