Get an A-team when and where you need it

The dedicated team model in outsourcing is an advantageous choice for long-term cooperation when a large volume of work is expected. If you’re looking for dedicated tech talent, growing beyond your local capabilities, or have little interest in building a software development department, the Offshore Dedicated Team is the perfect solution.

A collaboration-based dedicated team is great fit for speedy growth of business with highly specialized talent. The team is finely designed to reduce your expenses, while assuring high quality and on time delivery of the projects.

  1. We provide the infrastructure and administration for your dedicated team in our Development Centers.
  2. No recruiting cost and other expenses
  3. No extra office space rental cost
  4. No additional hardware cost
  5. Flexible interaction including changes of requirements
  6. Day-to-day communication and management using, Skype, Line, Telegram
  7. Project Management and version tracking using own Gitlab server.

Advantages of outsourcing with Interflext

Outsourcing with interflext can help you Concentrate on company’s core business area.

With our skilled team, we ensure you about the standard of service Provided.

  1. We keep recruitment standards high in terms of skillful workforce, so that you will have the best-in-class resources.
  2. No need to pay extra expenses on vacation and leaves of team members.
  3. All Work is being tested by our QA.
  4. 03 month minimum contract duration.
  5. Competitive Rates as per industry trend
  6. Partial Project Manager Assigned
  7. Submission of daily updates and maintenance of records for tracking productivity via Gitlab server