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Digital Experience

Your IDEAS, into Action!

We at Interflext work together to bring your ideas into action. We offer full-cycle custom Software / Web Application Development Services through our offshore software development program.

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Our Core Values

Core Values

Customer First

Total commitment to our customers ensuring that we achieve their business objectives.

Honesty and Fairness

Commitment towards transparency of all process and at all levels.


To be a leader, always strive for new advances and constantly monitor technologies for innovations.
Our Experience

Unrivaled CREATIVITY and Empowered INNOVATION

We have a solid 9 years of experience in developing software applications and delivering tailored, cost-competitive, scalable, and robust solutions. We have staff skilled in different technical aspects enabling us to access and follow the best technologies for the various project requirements.


Our product development and releases on several stages ensure the quality of the Apps we deliver and the customer meets all his requirements.
The cyclical testing process ensures the products are bug-free and meet the required quality. The implication of quality management for each development stage, including requirement gathering, planning, developing, testing, and delivery, ensures the products meet 100% quality.

Cost Saving

Better planning and Aiming for the right technology firstly make it possible to reduce the cost for a product by a considerable amount. It makes differ us from our potential competitors. Better specification gathering and planning process reduces the timeline required while improving the quality.
Experience over several years and pre-made modules are the core factors that can reduce the cost for the new applications. This made codes more solid as the codes are tested over several years and up to date due to continued development.


Whether your requirement is a simple website/ application or a complex one like a shopping cart or ERP System, Security is paramount.
We take necessary precautions to protect application security, customer data, and infrastructure. It is not just mean the protect your application and keeping it online. However, it covers the aspect of protecting your customer’s sensitive data like personal, particularly payments, credit card information, etc.

Customer Support

Not only the development, but also we take care of what we deliver and after service from months to years for any product. The supporting time is varied by nature and the size of the project. We offer further customizations and support with extended agreements at a reasonable price.
The customer support includes providing knowledge of application features, programming support, and hosting and infrastructure setup.

Customer Experience

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