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Business Application and Custom API development

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IT solutions for your business.

Team Interflext developing web-based Business Applications, and Automated solutions and APIs for various industries like Insurance, Telecommunications, Online advertising, Logistics, and Travel by utilizing some of the most popular technologies & frameworks such as PHP, Python, Nodejs, Laravel, Codeignitor, Phantomjs, Casperjs. 

Technologies and Tools

We have the best resources for experienced persons and modern technologies needed to develop a strong structural and interactive web application. Our developers are proficient in mapping the client’s custom requirement into technical language, which eventually becomes the client’s desired product.

Nowadays, with the increase in the trends of custom web applications, we provide you a unique, differentiated, and responsive web application that helps you achieve your ultimate goals. Our experts will make sure that your web applications deliver constant values regardless of the platform.

PHP and Python

Our team follows an Object-Oriented Approach while creating web applications. We use programming languages like PHP and Python, which are perfectly incorporated with the database systems such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, and NoSQL. Our experts analyze the scale of the project and determine the best Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) such as Waterfall and Agile, based on the project size. Furthermore, we have our custom GIT installations for version and bug tracking.

Dashboard Systems with Automation

We deliver you an autonomous dashboard systems to manage your tasks efficiently. Working with open-source systems are one of our specialties.

These dashboard systems contain all the common modules such as User Management, Basic data management, Helpdesk and support tickets, etc. Furthermore, we also create modules for automation where necessary for tasks such as Data gathering, Data analysis, automated scheduled tasks, etc.

In addition, we develop complex and advanced systems like software license and activation systems, Mobile Wallet and POS systems, Payment gateways, etc.



We perform task automation using technologies such as Nodejs, PhantomJs, CasperJs, Python, etc for data gathering and analytics systems, and for the systems with repeating scheduled tasks. Automation systems that we develop are proxy supported and multi-threaded.

Performance Tests

  1. Load Test
    Our developers use a range of load testing tools to perform load tests that cover multiple failure points, as customer satisfaction is tied directly to how well these web applications perform.
  2. Stress Test
    We will perform Stress testing to measure web app robustness and error handling capabilities under extremely heavy load conditions and ensuring that it does not crash under crunch situations.
  3. Responsiveness as Perceived Performance
    We make fast, responsive, and bug-free websites/ web applications. There are several techniques that our team members can apply to the UI in order to improve its perceived performance significantly.

Speed and Load balancing

We optimize the speed of web applications using load balancers and use different cache methods such as Redis, Memcached, etc. In addition, we develop custom CDN servers, failover servers to make sure 100% uptime of the applications. Our developers design, analyze, and choose the best-suited databases for large-scale projects.

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Web Application Frameworks (WAF)

Major frameworks like Laravel, Codeignitor, CakePHP, Zend, etc., which are running the web industry these days, are also one of our major expertise.

MVP Development

Nowadays, many startups fail but do not worry, we can help you develop a startup that will not let you down by any means. Our teams are trained for creating websites rich enough to attract traffic at the earliest.

SAAS Application Development

Software as a service (SaaS) is a software distribution model. A cloud provider hosts applications and makes them available to end-users over the internet. An independent software vendor (ISV) may contract a third-party cloud provider to host the application in this model.

 We offer professional SaaS application development services as well. We create a structured and interactive user interface containing all the critical features by analyzing the idea and target audience.

Cloud-Based Apps Development

We do Cloud application development as well. Cloud Base Apps is the process through which a Cloud-based app is built. It involves different stages of software development, each of which prepares your app to go live and hit the market. The best Cloud app development teams use DevOps practices and tools like Kubernetes.

 Our team members also have expertise in developing cloud-based applications. Creating a cloud-based web application will prove to be scalable, highly productive, and cost-effective in terms of traffic and equipment.

Complex Web Solution Development

We can develop every kind of web application according to your requirements. No matter how complex or exceptional those requirements may be, we always provide the best solutions.


Custom API

  1. REST APIs
    Our team members are a whizz in developing REST API, and documenting them, to simplify and speed up your web application.
  2. API development for existing applications
    Today’s modern systems have to interact with each other, exchange data, and share services via APIs. Our specialized developer configures existing APIs for mobile phones and integrates them with other apps so that the data can be shared easily.
  3. Secure APIs
    We provide secure and scalable API solution to our customers, by providing security measured with Data signature validation, Request throttling, Request IP validation, VPN / Proxy filtering etc.

Cloud Based Complex Web Systems And Customer APIs Development Prices Starting From $10 000

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