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Mahoneys Framing Wrodpress Website

Software Product Preview Mahoneys Framing Website and Mobile View

MahoneysFraming is a company who does the photo framing. The website redesigned to look more Modern, Flat and Full width website. The aim was to lower the website user bounces and increase the time spend on the website. A custom worpdress plugin developed to bulk product insert with Importing a CSV file.


  1. The WordPress CMS used.
  2. Content well managed with WordPress post types / categories /tags / widgets and etc
  3. Page options created by IDs, Post types, for pages in order make sure only the unique options are loaded within the relevant pages only.
  4. Advance page options including image galleries, pricing, date and other options (textareas, input boxes)
  5. All the forms are use contact 7 plugin.

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