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Dive and Cruise System

Software Product Preview of Dive and Cruise Admin System
Dive and Cruise is developed in a way of modern, Responsive and Unique design for a IOS Application development company; The needed a simple and one page website which is easy to use but modern. Company needed something that can quickly change for their each application they developed.

  1. The Codeignator framework used for the Dive and Cruise, as it is easy to help manage content of the website and extends easy.
  2. Content well managed with Codeignator post types / categories /tags / widgets and etc
  3. Page options created by IDs, Post types, for pages in order make sure only the unique options are loaded within the relevant pages only.
  4. Advance page options including image galleries, pricing, date options and other normal options (textareas, input boxes)
  5. All the forms are use contact 7 plugin as per client request. However the email templates contents and recipients are dynamically changed with contract form 7 filters.

  • Client: Dive and Cruise
  • Website: AlALMIYA
  • Started: 06/10/2015
  • Completed: 07/16/2015
  • Duration: 36 days
  • CMS: Codeignator
  • Custom Modules: Theme options module

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