We develop tailor made Websites/ Web Applications and Dashboard systems according to your business needs. We carried serious of testing to make sure the systems are secure, PCI compliance, Mobile first and handle lot of data and users.

Type of systems we develop :

  • Booking systems ( for dental services, spa, saloon etc )
  • Fleet tracking systems
  • Sales and Lead management systems
  • Office management systems
  • Production process management systems

Some of the common modules of our systems:

  1. Complex dashboard module with charts, information boxes, quick reports
  2. User management with different user roles
  3. User roles and permissions module
  4. Staff IN / OUT Time management
  5. Staff Payrolls
  6. Employee performance monitoring
  7. HR Module
  8. Product and Inventory management
  9. Product activation and serial key management
  10. Subscription management
  11. Invoice and Billing module
  12. Remote connections and automation
  13. Complex reporting with PDF, CSV Exports
  14. API Integrations and RESTful API
  15. Helpdesk for ticketing
  16. Live chat systems supports